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Often we are asked what makes Spectrum unique?  Put simply, we are creative problem solvers that allow our clients to live life by design and not by default.  Our focus is to find solutions to complex financial issues faced by high net worth clients and their families. 

We are also your advocate. Someone to see things from your perspective and make sure the decisions being made on your behalf benefit you and your family. Our expertise in wealth planning and investment management is complemented with deep knowledge of our clients' background and circumstances. We integrate all aspects of wealth management to bring focused advice that simplifies your decisions, and your life.

Unwavering Focus

Discovery process identifies your unique mission, vision, values, and goals, while clarifying and prioritizing your objectives.

Interactive LifeSpectrum Planning™ process provides visual answers to long-term goal achievement.

Conversations with you to reduce complexity and ease decision making in a world of information overload.

Benefit: Feel confident to make better financial decisions and avoid mistakes.

Unique Capabilities

Our innovative risk and asset allocation framework results in dynamic portfolio construction.

We understand complex tax issues and will work with your tax professionals on income and estate planning challenges.

Team approach provides greater perspective. We stay current on market and economic trends, while maintaining client focus.

Benefit: Feel at ease, knowing a strong and competent team serves as your advocate.

Unparalleled Service

We only work with a select number of clients. This ensures access and creates a caring, personalized environment.

Communication is ongoing, timely, and relevant. We make it easy for you to take action.

Highly responsive team considers client requests as our personal mission.

As fee-only advisors, we do not earn commission by selling products. We are your financial advocates.

Benefit: Feel more connected and informed, which leads to trusted relationships.

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