Wealth Management

Insight into Action. We branded our wealth management process, LifeSpectrum Planning™, which is driven by three goals – financial independence, family legacy, and social capital legacy. Our process works to clearly define these goals through a personal index — a benchmark to measure your accomplishments.

We are focused on guiding our clients to financial confidence by simplifying their financial lives. Our process allows us to identify issues and find untapped opportunities that have been overlooked by others. We approach our process through a dedicated multi-disciplinary team of financial planners, investment professionals, and tax experts working together for your benefit and success. The end result is coordinated advice, guidance, and education.

Our wealth management service is powered by SpectrumCFO™, a web-based wealth management system that serves as a collective view of your entire financial structure today and a roadmap for tomorrow. Through account aggregation technology, your planning roadmap is always up-to-date resulting in the ability to receive quick responses for the many decisions that you will make now and in the future.

The depth of our planning is vast. It anticipates and answers questions like:

  • Can I afford to purchase a second home now and what is the best method to pay for it?
  • Can I provide for charity today verses waiting for tomorrow?
  • Can I begin a gifting program to my children or grandchildren?
  • Can I leave my lucrative career and pursue another passion?
  • How do I deal with potential market crashes?

We even ask questions that you may not have thought of such as:

  • When should I apply for Social Security? Should I apply today or delay?
  • Should I accelerate distributions from my IRA?
  • How can I accomplish charitable wishes tax-efficiently?
  • How can I minimize taxes to retain more of my wealth?

At Spectrum, we are your dedicated team of professionals looking beyond today to bring you a better tomorrow.   

Creative Wealth Planning 

LifeSpectrum Planning™

We believe the integration of your Financial Independence, Family Legacy, and Social Capital Legacy leads to Wealth Optimization.

Financial Independence

Retaining sufficient financial resources to protect financial security and maintain an existing lifestyle.

Family Legacy

Enabling the transfer of what a family has, with a high degree of autonomy and flexibility.

Social Capital Legacy

Directing resources to charitable purposes, consistent with pre-defined values.

Please watch our video on how creative wealth planning can bring confidence and clarity to your financial life.


SpectrumCFO™ is a web-based wealth management system that serves as a collective view of your entire financial structure — from accounts we manage to accounts held at other institutions. Through account aggregation, SpectrumCFO™ is designed to collect, track and report your financial activities allowing us to effectively and efficiently manage our relationship bringing accountability to you on demand. Your portal functions as a virtual vault storing important documents such as estate documents, tax returns, deeds and insurance policies for easy access 24 hours a day.

You can monitor your spending real-time and create spending targets to measure activity. Alerts are established to allow us to monitor changes in your financial position that would impact your course of action. We are alerted immediately when a threshold, such as an asset allocation shift or change in net worth, exceeds a tolerance level so that we can be proactive in the management of your wealth.

Please watch our video to learn more about SpectrumCFO™. 

Wealth Management Services


Our investment philosophy is shaped by our independent team focus that allows us to take a unique approach. Spectrum Management Group is able to step outside the traditional pressures of Wall Street advisors to provide our clients with unbiased investment advice. Read more about our Investment Advisory process here.

Financial Goal Setting and Projections

We devote the time to fully understand you, your goals, your circumstances and your hopes and dreams before we begin to develop your plan. We establish a personal index, a benchmark to measure your accomplishments. We create a roadmap that helps guide your progression and effectively address important financial factors that may impact you. In today's complex financial world, the roadmap brings accountability and focus to your plan.

Cash Flow Planning

We analyze sources of income and expenses. Through SpectrumCFO™, we are able to aggregate outside accounts (checking, savings, credit cards, etc.) to streamline the process of tracking financial activity. You are able to create categories of income and expenses all personalized for you, create budgets, receive alerts, and monitor how your actual activities compare to projections.

Strategic Tax Planning

In tax planning, timing is everything. Detailed cash flow planning combined with thorough analysis of current and proposed tax laws allow us to create scenarios that compare the benefit of various strategies and how the timing of strategies impact your wealth. Our roots in accounting and tax strategy are evident in the proactive nature of our advice.

Risk Management

Most people think of risk management in terms of their investment decisions. However, risk management is far broader. Individuals and families are exposed to risk in many areas of their lives beyond investments such as premature death, medical issues, complicated family situations, and more. We conduct a gap analysis of risk exposures and methods to minimize the impact to you and your family.

Wealth Transfer Planning

We identify effective strategies for the distribution of assets in ways that are consistent with family values, while minimizing the impact of gift and estate taxes.

Philanthropic Planning

Social capital represents that part of wealth that is returned to society in a planned way through philanthropy, or an unplanned way via taxation. Our clients prefer their social capital be directed toward causes that are important to them rather than through the payment of taxes. To this end, we devise plans to do so through an array of charitable strategies ranging from making annual gifts, creating sophisticated trust structures to establishing a donor advised fund or even a family foundation.

Coordination of Outside Advisors

We coordinate the activities of your various specialty advisors including access to information needed to perform their functions. Our goal is to assure each advisor is well informed so each can perform their functions for your benefit.

Document Vault

Through your personal website, you are able to store copies of important documents from tax returns, wills and trusts to birth certificates and passports, for easy access.

Transition Planning

Life transitions such as divorce, loss of a spouse, career change, large inheritance, or a sale of a business require care and specialized planning. We are effective in helping those in transition develop a plan for successful long-term outcomes.