Our Process

Our Process

To unravel the complexities of your wealth, Spectrum created LifeSpectrum Planning™ - a unique process developed to allow you to live life by design and not by default.  We help you connect your wealth to purpose.

LifeSpectrum Planning™ is more than strategies, tactics and tools. It is about your mission, your values, your goals, and your vision for the future. It is about ongoing deep discussions. We invest time to fully understand you, your circumstances, your goals, your needs, and your dreams before we offer any advice. We work with you to develop a plan that integrates your personal life and your wealth so that you can connect your wealth to purpose.

Our process begins with discovery. Spectrum's team works closely to understand your mission, vision, values, and goals.

Once priorities are established, we analyze and evaluate solutions that meet your goals. As a team of problem solvers, our objective is to utilize our range of expertise so that all issues receive a creative solution.  We believe that planning is both an art and a science. When done properly, it can help solve problems and open doorways to new opportunities. This is our mission and passion to solve problems bringing peace of mind to your financial life.

Spectrum designs strategies and creates a road map so that you know what to expect as we move forward. As your plan is implemented, and your circumstances evolve, we vigilantly monitor progress towards your goals no matter how long-term it might be. We provide regular meetings and reports with transparent data that allow you to easily understand where you are on the road map to success.

 Our Process


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