Life Transitions

Change is inevitable. Some life transitions are planned, while others are sudden and unexpected. One common thread among all transitions is uncertainty. Having a trusted advisor to guide you through the financial and emotional aspects of a significant change is critical for ensuring the best path forward. 

Client Centered

Every client has a unique set of circumstances.  We advise individualized solutions for decisions points that arise from a life transition. Some of the every day life transitions that we address for our clients include:

Preparing for Divorce: The end of a marriage is an emotional time. Going through a divorce is not easy or straightforward. It is essential to work with an advisor that understands the divorce process and the financial consequences associated with splitting assets. Spectrum has developed a service that guides clients through this complicated event.

Transitioning to Retirement Income: You have spent decades accumulating wealth in pursuit of retirement. Now that the time has arrived, it is essential to have a plan that optimizes withdrawals and tax strategy.  Spectrum develops a plan that brings confidence throughout your retirement. 

Stock Options Awards: Maximizing the value of your stock options and leveraging opportunities to reduce the associated tax consequences requires careful planning.  Spectrum creates a plan that helps you understand what you own, how they work, the tax ramifications for owning them, and how you will use this form of compensation to meet your goals.

Selling a Business: Planning for certain contingencies, such as death, disability, or retirement, is a concern that affects all business owners. For family businesses, in particular, continuation planning is inevitably intertwined with business, tax, and estate planning. Learn how Spectrum can help ensure a smooth ownership transition.

Receiving an Inheritance: Think before you spend. An inheritance can be easily squandered. Spectrum can help you develop a plan to ensure your windfall changes life for the better.  

Loss of a Spouse: The sudden loss of a spouse can leave you feeling vulnerable and unable to deal with making important financial decisions. Spectrum can help you identify important documents to gather and evaluate your future needs to ensure that your family has the necessary resources for years to come.  

Sending Family Members to College: As the cost of higher-education continues to dramatically increase, it is important for parents to begin planning for their children's education during the early years of their life. Spectrum can help you develop strategies that minimize the tax burden, provide flexibility and build a secure future for you and your children.

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