Investment Advisory

Investment Advisory

At Spectrum, we have a specific way of looking at the world of investing.  We are acutely aware that it can take a lifetime to accumulate wealth but only a short period of time to destroy it.

Our clients have a focused objective to grow and protect their wealth.  Controlling risk forms the basis of our investment thesis.  Our tactical approach affects how we deploy capital across asset classes with a bias towards investment themes that we perceive to have a high probability of reward and avoid areas that we perceive have heightened risk. 

As investments increase in complexity, effective portfolio management should combine rigorous fundamental due diligence, quantitative analysis, and consistent monitoring. Spectrum's Investment Committee works closely with your specialized plan to structure portfolios designed to reach your goals. The cornerstone of our approach begins with three pillars of analysis — economic, fundamental, and behavioral/technical.   Our first layer of analysis (economic) addresses macroeconomic trends and conditions.  The second layer of analysis (fundamental) addresses the valuation, or intrinsic value, of various investment themes to determine relative attractiveness for investment.  The third layer of analysis (behavioral/ technical) addresses market trends and patterns through the study of market activity.  We believe that fundamentals dictate how the markets should be acting, while technical data reveal how markets are acting.


Portfolios Designed to Reach Your Goals

Unbiased Investment Advice

Our investment philosophy is shaped by our independent team focus and allows us to take a unique approach. Spectrum is able to step outside the traditional pressures of Wall Street advisors to provide our clients with unbiased investment advice.

Handling Uncertainty

As individuals, we have a set time horizon to reach our goals. The dogma of traditional investment management is that investment returns vary yearly, but should average out over the long run. Averages are very deceiving and individuals are not institutions.  There comes a point when one desires to live off of their portfolio assets. If this unlucky time happens right before a large market correction their plan can be disrupted.  We strive to reduce the element of luck in the investment process and protect against downside losses.  We are not only concerned with achieving the long run average but with growing portfolios during good times and protecting against the downside with definitive sell disciplines.   

Going Beyond a "Buy and Hold" Strategy

Our strategic investment process recognizes and accounts for the risks that a buy-and-hold philosophy ignores.  Spectrum's investment process maximizes exposure to growth assets in favorable environments while protecting downside risks through a strategic sell discipline suited to today's volatile markets.  


Investment Advisory Services

Investment Policy Design

Our clients come to us with a wide range of needs and objectives. Spectrum works with you to form specific investment goals, and portfolios to reach each goal. We create a bespoke investment solution for each client.

Tactical Asset Allocation

Controlling risk forms the basis of our investment thesis.  Our tactical approach affects how we deploy capital across asset classes with a bias towards investment themes that we perceive to have a high probability of reward and avoid areas that we perceive have heightened risk. 

Investment Selection and Implementation

Investment themes and underlying investments selected to be a part of a portfolio are carefully reviewed by our analysts with industry leading research and tools. Once identified, we move to implement the investment decision tax efficiently and cost effectively. 

Tax Efficient Management

With experts in tax-efficient investment planning, we understand the importance of protecting your portfolio with tax-efficient decisions during every stage of the investment process. We continually look for opportunities to minimize tax by using tax-efficient investment structures, tax-loss harvesting opportunities and asset location preferences.  Spectrum works to ensure a unique investment plan and tax-efficient strategy that is appropriate for your needs. 

Performance Reporting

Reporting is customized specifically for your needs and objectives. Reporting of performance is centered on transparency and accuracy. We provide benchmarks and analysis so that you can easily track your progress.

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